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Tetard Freres - 17 Antique French 950 Sterling Silver Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces, No Monograms - MINT!

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Direct from Paris, a magnificent set of 17 antique French 950 sterling silver flatware serving pieces by Master French silversmith Tetard Freres, in excellent condition and with no monograms. In the realm of fine craftsmanship, the name Tetard Frères stands as a beacon of excellence in French silver-smithing. For over a century, this illustrious maison has adorned the tables of royalty and connoisseurs alike with sterling silver flatware pieces of unparalleled quality and beauty.  At the heart of Tetard Frères' enduring legacy lies their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Founded in the early 19th century by brothers Charles and Louis Tetard, the maison quickly gained renown for its exquisite silverware. With meticulous attention to detail and a mastery of traditional techniques, Tetard Frères elevated silver-smithing to an art form. Each piece bore the hallmark of superior craftsmanship, reflecting the skill and dedication of the artisans behind it.

The artisans at Tetard Frères employed a blend of time-honored methods and innovative approaches to create their sterling silver flatware. From the initial design sketches to the final polishing, every step was executed with precision and care. The result was flatware that not only exuded elegance but also boasted exceptional durability and functionality. Whether crafting ornate serving spoons or sleek dinner knives, Tetard Frères set the standard for excellence in silver-smithing.

The quality and craftsmanship of Tetard Frères' creations attracted the attention of royalty across Europe. From Napoleon III to Queen Victoria, monarchs and nobles sought out Tetard Frères for their luxurious tableware. By appointment to the royal courts of France, England, and beyond, Tetard Frères solidified its reputation as the premier silversmith of the era.  Royal patronage not only brought prestige to Tetard Frères but also presented unique opportunities for creative expression. Commissioned to produce bespoke pieces for royal households, the maison demonstrated its versatility and artistry. Whether crafting elaborate candelabras for state banquets or delicate tea sets for intimate gatherings, Tetard Frères tailored each creation to suit the tastes and preferences of its distinguished clientele.

The excellence of Tetard Frères' craftsmanship was duly recognized through numerous awards and accolades. From international exhibitions to prestigious competitions, the maison consistently garnered praise for its sterling silver flatware. Notable accolades include gold medals at the Exposition Universelle in Paris and the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London.  These accolades not only celebrated Tetard Frères' technical proficiency but also affirmed its status as a leader in the world of silversmithing. With each award, the maison further cemented its legacy as a purveyor of fine silverware fit for royalty and discerning collectors alike. Yet, beyond the accolades lay the enduring appreciation of connoisseurs who recognized the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of Tetard Frères' creations.

Central to Tetard Frères' legacy are their sterling silver flatware pieces, cherished for their exquisite design and impeccable quality – like this amazing 17 piece set of sterling silver flatware serving pieces.  From intricately engraved patterns to sleek modern designs, the maison's flatware collections spanned a range of styles, each reflecting the aesthetic preferences of its era. Whether adorning the tables of palaces or private residences, Tetard Frères' flatware epitomized luxury and refinement.  Among Tetard Frères' most iconic flatware pieces are their elaborate dinner services, comprising everything from soup ladles to fish forks. Each piece bore the hallmarks of the maison's craftsmanship, with attention to detail evident in every curve and flourish. Whether embellished with intricate motifs or adorned with monograms, Tetard Frères' flatware exuded a sense of opulence befitting its royal clientele.

In the annals of French silver-smithing, Tetard Frères occupies a place of distinction, revered for its quality, craftsmanship, and royal patronage. For over a century, the maison's sterling silver flatware has graced the tables of monarchs and collectors around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the history of decorative arts. With each meticulously crafted piece, Tetard Frères continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, ensuring that the allure of fine silver-smithing endures for generations to come. This amazing 17 piece set of sterling silver flatware serving pieces is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship for which the firm is internationally known.  Each pieces bears the French Government’s Head of the Minerva 1 Hallmark certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver, in addition to the Tetard Freres sterling silver manufacturer’s hallmark.  The set includes the following (all weights and measures approximate):

1 Cake / Pie Serving Knife 27.00 cm. 112 grams
1 Large Soup / Stew Serving Ladle 31.00 cm. 247 grams
1 Set of Asparagus Serving Tongs 18.00 cm. 238 grams
1 Ice Cream Scoop 22.00 cm. 100 grams
1 Fish Serving Fork 24.00 cm. 109 grams
1 Fish Serving Knife 29.30 cm. 135 grams
1 Salad Serving Fork 25.50 cm. 101 grams
1 Salad Serving Spoon 25.50 cm. 92 grams
1 Pie Serving Knife 27.40 cm. 120 grams
2 Sauce Serving Ladles 19.00 cm. 83 grams
1 Berry Serving Spoon 14.70 cm. 40 grams
1 Small Bonbon Serving Fork 18.30 cm. 54 grams
1 Individual Tart Server 14.70 cm. 47 grams
1 Small Bonbon Server 15.00 cm. 39 grams
1 Small Dessert Serving Fork 15.00 cm. 36 grams
1 Small Dessert Serving Knife 18.00 cm. 44 grams


Tetard Freres - 17 Antique French 950 Sterling Silver Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces, No Monograms - MINT!
$5,049.00 USD
$5,049.00 USD

Tetard Freres - 17 Antique French 950 Sterling Silver Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces, No Monograms - MINT!

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