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Tetard & Christofle - 4pc Art Deco "Gatsby Era" Tetard 950 Sterling Silver Tea Set + Christofle Serving Tray, 1920s, Museum Quality

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Direct from Paris the birthplace of Art Deco, a truly magnificent 4pc. original "Gatsby Era" French Art Deco sterling silver tea / coffee set by one of France's premier silversmiths "Tetard Frères", accompanied with a stunning Christofle Art Deco silver-plate serving Tray and no monograms on any of the pieces, circa 1920s. Tetard Frères, a name synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite design, occupies a prestigious place in the history of French silver-smithing. From their inception in the late 19th century to their prominence in the Art Deco era, Tetard Frères have left an indelible mark on the world of decorative arts. Christofle, “Silversmith to the King”, has been serving the European aristocracy for generations. 


Tetard Frères, was established in Paris in 1880 by Charles Tetard. Initially, the company focused on producing high-quality silver flatware and tableware, quickly gaining a reputation for excellence. The founding years were marked by a commitment to traditional silver-smithing techniques, combined with innovative designs that set them apart from their contemporaries. Upon Charles Tetard's death, his three sons, Henri, Jacques, and Georges, took over the business. The brothers expanded the company's offerings, embracing new styles and trends while maintaining the high standards established by their father. Under their leadership, Tetard Frères grew into one of the most respected names in French silver, known for both their classical and modern designs.


The hallmark of Tetard Frères is their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each piece of silverware produced by the firm was meticulously crafted, with an attention to detail that ensured both beauty and durability. The use of 950 sterling silver, a higher grade than the standard 925 sterling, underscores their dedication to using the finest materials available.  The process of creating a piece of Tetard Frères silverware involved numerous stages, from initial design sketches to final polishing. Skilled artisans, many of whom spent their entire careers with the company, executed each step with precision. This expertise is evident in the flawless finishes, intricate engravings, and balanced forms that characterize their work.  Tetard Frères' dedication to quality extended beyond aesthetics to functionality. Their pieces were designed to be used and enjoyed, with ergonomic considerations that made them as practical as they were beautiful. This blend of form and function is a testament to the brothers' understanding of their customers' needs and their ability to innovate within the traditions of their craft.


Tetard Frères' excellence did not go unnoticed. The firm received numerous awards and accolades, both in France and internationally. Their participation in various Expositions Universelles (World Fairs) brought them widespread recognition and several prestigious medals. Notably, they were awarded the Grand Prix at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, an event that gave rise to the term "Art Deco." These accolades were more than just trophies; they represented the high regard in which Tetard Frères was held by both peers and critics. The awards validated the brothers' commitment to innovation and excellence, cementing their status as leaders in the field of silver-smithing.


Another testament to Tetard Frères' esteemed reputation was their royal patronage. European royalty and aristocracy, known for their discerning tastes and demand for the finest quality, were among the firm's clientele. The Tetard brothers supplied silverware to various royal households, further elevating their status and prestige.  One notable patron was King Alfonso XIII of Spain, who commissioned several pieces from Tetard Frères. The firm also created pieces for other royal families, including those of Belgium and Sweden. This patronage not only brought financial success but also positioned Tetard Frères as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.


The Art Deco movement, which emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, was characterized by a celebration of modernity, elegance, and the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with new materials and techniques. Tetard Frères' association with this movement is one of the most significant aspects of their legacy.  The firm's participation in the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes was a pivotal moment. Their exhibition showcased a range of Art Deco silverware, including tea sets, flatware, and decorative objects. These pieces were noted for their geometric forms, clean lines, and the use of luxurious materials such as ivory, ebony, and semi-precious stones.


Tetard Frères' Art Deco designs were a departure from the ornate, floral motifs of the Art Nouveau period that preceded it. Instead, they embraced a more streamlined, modern aesthetic that reflected the optimism and dynamism of the era. This alignment with the principles of Art Deco allowed Tetard Frères to appeal to a new generation of customers who were looking for something fresh and contemporary.  Among Tetard Frères' most celebrated creations are their 950 sterling silver Art Deco tea sets. These tea sets epitomize the elegance and sophistication of the Art Deco movement, and they remain highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.  The craftsmanship involved in creating these tea sets is remarkable. The silver is hand-hammered to achieve a flawless finish, and the various components are expertly joined to ensure seamless integration. The attention to detail extends to the smallest elements, such as the hinges on the lids and the feet of the pots, which are crafted with precision and care.


The legacy of Tetard Frères extends beyond their exquisite creations. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and design excellence set a standard for future generations of silversmiths. The firm's influence can be seen in the work of contemporary designers who continue to draw inspiration from their Art Deco masterpieces.  Tetard Frères' contribution to the Art Deco movement also played a role in shaping the broader trends in decorative arts and design. Their ability to merge traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics helped define the visual language of the era, leaving a lasting impact on the world of design.


Tetard Frères, with their rich history, exceptional craftsmanship, and association with the Art Deco movement, hold a distinguished place in the annals of French silver-smithing. Their 950 sterling silver Art Deco tea sets are not only masterpieces of design but also symbols of an era that celebrated elegance, innovation, and luxury. Through their dedication to excellence and their ability to adapt to changing tastes, Tetard Frères have left an enduring legacy that continues to inspire and captivate. This amazing 4-piece 950 sterling silver art deco tea set, which accompanying Christofle silver-plate serving tray, exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship for which the firm is internationally known. 


The Set is in excellent condition including the Christofle serving tray with no wearing of the silver-plate, not even on the underside. There are no monograms on any of the pieces. The teapot, coffee pot, sugar bowl and cream pitcher bears the Tetard Frères sterling silver Manufacturer's hallmark in addition to the French Government's Head of the Minerva-1 hallmark. The Christofle silver-plate serving tray is stamped "Christofle France" on the underside of each of the handles. Each piece comes with its own anti-tarnish storage wrap for easy storage.


The luxurious coffee pot measures approximately 23.00 cm. high to the top of the lid, 18.00 cm. across from the outer edge of the handle to the tip of the spout and weights 681 grams.  The elegant sugar bowl with gold plated interior (vermeil) measures approximately 14.00 cm. high to the top of the lid, 15.00 cm. wide to the tips of the handles and weights 470 grams. The stunning teapot measures roughly 19.00 cm. high to the top of the lid, 24.00 cm. from the outer edge of the handle to the tip of the spout and weights an amazing 763 grams.  The dainty Cream Pitcher with gold plated (vermeil) interior stands roughly 10.50 cm. high to the top of the handle, measures approximately 12.50 cm. across from the tip of the spout to the outside of the handle and weights 217 grams.  The elegant Christofle serving tray is silver-plate and measures a whopping 58 cm. in length to the tips of the handles, 41 cm. across and weights roughly 3,067 grams. You can’t go wrong buying quality.

Tetard & Christofle - 4pc Art Deco "Gatsby Era" Tetard 950 Sterling Silver Tea Set + Christofle Serving Tray, 1920s, Museum Quality
$10,655.00 USD
$10,655.00 USD

Tetard & Christofle - 4pc Art Deco "Gatsby Era" Tetard 950 Sterling Silver Tea Set + Christofle Serving Tray, 1920s, Museum Quality

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