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Puiforcat (Hermes) - 246pc French 950 Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flatware Set + Chest, Silver, Gold

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The House of Puiforcat (now owned by Hermes) was founded in 1820 by Émile Puiforcat who worked predominantly as a cutler with his brother Pierre-Joseph-Marie Puiforcat and their maternal cousin Jean-Baptiste Fuchs at rue Chapon in the Marais district of Paris. In 1857 Émile Puiforcat along with Jean-Baptiste Fuchs registered the company’s hallmark, composed as a diamond shape centered by a pocket knife in profile, flanked by the initials E and P (for Émile Puiforcat), In 1892 Laure Emilie Puiforcat granddaughter of the firm’s founder married Louis-Victor Tabouret (son of François-Louis Tabouret).

Four years later in 1902 Louis-Victor assumed management of the firm and then in 1915 he changed his surname by decree to Puiforcat-Tabouret. By the late nineteenth century Puiforcat had moved into the high end of the silver-smithing trade, gaining particular renown for creating pieces inspired by past historical masterpieces often from within the company's own collection. For generations the House of Puiforcat has maintained it's fabulous tradition of creating masterpieces in sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver (vermeil) and has been silversmiths to the Kings and Queens of Europe as well as Presidents and Emperors around the world. Today the firm, currently owned by Hermes, still maintains it's ranking as one of the best silversmiths in the world.

Each of the sterling silver and vermeil pieces contains the French Government's Head of the Minerva 1 hallmark as well and the Puiforcat sterling silver manufacturer's hallmark. The Mother-of-Pearl handled luncheon knives and dessert knives with silver blades and the Noble Family Crest engraved on the handles are from a different manufacturer. This amazing set is a stunning example of the luxury and elegance of 19th century France and is of exceptional quality (check the weights and measures below) and is in excellent condition. It includes the following - all weights and measures approximate: 

24 Dinner Knives 24.50 cm. 89 grams
24 Dinner Forks 21.00 cm. 96 grams
12 Tablespoons 21.00 cm. 105 grams
12 Luncheon Knives with Vermeil Handles and Stainless Steel Blades 20.00 cm. 55 grams
12 Vermeil Luncheon Forks 17.00 cm. 49 grams
12 Vermeil Dessert Knives with Vermeil Blades 20.00 cm. 65 grams
12 Vermeil Dessert Forks 17.00 cm. 49 grams
12 Vermeil Luncheon / Dessert Spoons 17.00 cm. 54 grams
18 Mother-of-Pearl Handle Dessert Knives, Silver Blades 19.50 cm. 44 grams
18 Mother-of-Pearl Handle Luncheon Knives, Stainless Steel Blades 20.00 cm. 45 grams
12 Fish Forks 17.50 cm. 67 grams
12 Fish Knives 20.50 cm. 84 grams
12 Vermeil Teaspoons 12.00 cm. 30 grams
12 Vermeil Ice Cream Spoons 13.50 cm. 36 grams
12 Crab Claw / Lobster Piks 18.50 cm. 44 grams
12 Oyster Forks 12.20 cm. 34 grams
2 Gravy / Sauce Serving Ladles 17.50 cm. 113 grams
1 Large Salad Serving Fork, Vermeil Prongs 26.00 cm. 141 grams
1 Large Salad Serving Spoon, Vermeil Bowl 26.00 cm. 148 grams
1 Vermeil Ice Cream Server 25.00 cm. 153 grams
1 Vermeil Sauce Serving Ladle 25.00 cm. 165 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Fork 22.00 cm. 134 grams
1 Dessert Serving Fork 16.30 cm. 61 grams
1 Dessert Serving Spoon 16.50 cm. 72 grams
2 Butter / Cheese Serving Knives with Vermeil Handles 20.00 cm. 60 grams
1 Large Serving Fork 26.00 cm. 139 grams
1 Large Serving Spoon 26.00 cm. 145 grams
1 Small Individual Tart Server 13.20 cm. 46 grams
1 Small Butter Knife 16.00 cm. 44 grams
1 Small Olive Serving Spoon 14.30 cm. 47 grams
1 Small "bonbon" Serving Fork 14.00 cm. 37 grams
1 Large Dessert Serving Scoop 22.50 cm. 137 grams

Puiforcat (Hermes) - 246pc French 950 Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flatware Set + Chest, Silver, Gold
$40,148.00 USD
$40,148.00 USD

Puiforcat (Hermes) - 246pc French 950 Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flatware Set + Chest, Silver, Gold

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