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Falkenberg - 144pc. French Antique Louis XVI 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set + Storage Chest

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Direct from Paris, A Magnificent, Privately Commissioned, Antique French 144 piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set, Complete Service for 18, Includes rare Mother of Pearl Handled dessert and luncheon knives and Original 4 Layered Anti-Tarnish Storage Chest by French Silversmith Georges Falkenberg - circa 1890s. Georges Falkenberg stands as a towering figure in the realm of French silversmithing, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs, and royal patronage. Founded in the heart of Paris during the 19th century, the Falkenberg firm quickly rose to prominence, captivating the elite with its opulent creations.  Founded in the early 1800s, the dedication to perfection and commitment to innovation propelled the firm to the forefront of silversmithiing.

Falkenberg's exceptional talent quickly propelled him to prominence within the silversmithing community. His early works displayed a remarkable blend of traditional techniques and innovative design elements, setting him apart from his contemporaries. Falkenberg's reputation continued to grow as he garnered attention for his exquisite creations, catching the eye of prominent individuals and institutions. His continued dedication to perfection and commitment to innovation quickly gained the attention of the French aristocracy.  Throughout its storied history, Georges Falkenberg remained steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, blending traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics to create timeless pieces of art.

One of the defining aspects of Falkenberg's career was his association with royal patronage. His exceptional craftsmanship and refined designs attracted the attention of royalty, leading to prestigious commissions and appointments. Falkenberg's works adorned the tables and palaces of monarchs, earning him favor and recognition in royal circles. The firm enjoyed patronage from royalty and nobility across Europe, earning the esteemed title of "Silversmith to the Crown" in multiple kingdoms. From the courts of France to the palaces of Russia, Falkenberg's creations adorned the tables of monarchs and aristocrats, symbolizing wealth, power, and prestige. Falkenberg's ability to cater to the discerning tastes of monarchs solidified its position as the preferred silversmith of the aristocracy.

The unparalleled craftsmanship of Georges Falkenberg has been celebrated with numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its reputation as a beacon of excellence in the world of silversmithing. From prestigious exhibitions to international competitions, Falkenberg's creations consistently garnered praise for their beauty and ingenuity.  Notable awards include the Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, where Falkenberg's masterpieces captivated audiences with their intricate designs and exquisite workmanship. Additionally, the firm received accolades from royal courts and elite clientele, further cementing its status as a purveyor of luxury and refinement.

At the heart of Falkenberg's success lay his unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each piece bearing his name was a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and his dedication to perfection. Falkenberg employed traditional techniques passed down through generations of silversmiths, while also incorporating innovative approaches to design and construction.  The quality of Falkenberg's work was unrivaled, with each piece exhibiting unparalleled artistry and precision. From intricately detailed serving sets to elaborate tableware, Falkenberg's creations showcased the epitome of craftsmanship, earning admiration from collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

Georges Falkenberg's legacy extends far beyond its exquisite silverware; it represents a testament to the enduring allure of fine craftsmanship and artistic expression. The firm's contributions to the decorative arts have left an indelible mark on history, shaping the aesthetic sensibilities of generations.  From intricate filigree work to monumental silver sculptures, Falkenberg's repertoire spans a diverse range of styles and techniques, showcasing the versatility and creativity of its artisans. The firm's creations adorn the collections of renowned museums and private collectors worldwide, serving as enduring reminders of its enduring legacy.

Georges Falkenberg's legacy continues to endure long after his passing. His contributions to the art of silversmithing have left an indelible mark on the craft, inspiring generations of artisans to strive for excellence. Falkenberg's works are sought after by collectors and museums, serving as prized examples of fine craftsmanship and artistic innovation.  Falkenberg's remarkable career as a French silversmith is a testament to his talent, creativity, and dedication to his craft. Through his mastery of design and craftsmanship, Falkenberg earned royal patronage, received numerous awards, and left behind a legacy that continues to inspire admiration and reverence in the world of decorative arts.

This set is in excellent condition and is of very high quality. Each piece bears the French Government's Head of the Minerva - 1 Hallmark, certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver plus the "Falkenberg" manufacturer's hallmark. This set is of exceptional quality and craftsmanship and includes the following (all weights and measures approximate):

18 Dinner Knives - Acier Blades 25.00 cm. 71 grams

18 Dinner Forks 21.00 cm. 84 grams

18 Tablespoons 21.00 cm. 83 grams

18 Luncheon / Dessert Forks 17.30 cm. 48 grams

18 Luncheon / Dessert Spoons

18 Dessert Knives - Mother of Pearl Handles & Vermeil Blades 20.00 cm. 41 grams

18 Luncheon Knives - Mother of Pearl Handles 20.00 cm. 36 grams

18 Teaspoons 14.00 cm. 25 grams

Falkenberg - 144pc. French Antique Louis XVI 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set + Storage Chest
$21,599.00 USD
$21,599.00 USD

Falkenberg - 144pc. French Antique Louis XVI 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set + Storage Chest

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