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Claude Doutre Roussel - 22 Sterling Silver 19th Century Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces, No Monograms - MINT !

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Direct from Paris, a stunning set of 22 sterling silver, 19th century, Louis XVI, flatware serving pieces by Master French Silversmith Claude Doutre Roussel in excellent condition and no monograms. Silver-smithing is an art form that embodies the fusion of creativity, precision, and tradition. Among the luminaries of this craft, Claude Doutre Roussel stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of French silver-smithing. Renowned for his exceptional quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and patronage from royalty, Doutre Roussel's legacy shines through his sterling silver flatware pieces and the accolades he garnered throughout his illustrious career.

At the heart of Claude Doutre Roussel's legacy lies his unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Born in the heart of Paris in the late 19th century, Doutre Roussel apprenticed under master silversmiths, honing his skills and refining his techniques. His dedication to perfection was evident in every piece he created, with an acute attention to detail and a mastery of traditional silver-smithing methods; as evidenced by this amazing set of 22 flatware serving pieces. Doutre Roussel's sterling silver flatware pieces are a testament to his unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece bore the hallmark of his signature style – elegant, yet functional designs that exuded timeless sophistication. From intricately engraved patterns to delicately sculpted handles, Doutre Roussel's flatware transcended mere tableware, becoming exquisite works of art cherished by connoisseurs around the world.

Doutre Roussel's talent did not go unnoticed by the elite circles of his time. His reputation as a master silversmith earned him patronage from royalty, further cementing his status as one of the foremost artisans of his era. Among his illustrious clientele were members of the French royal family, who commissioned bespoke pieces for their palaces and residences. The patronage of royalty not only elevated Doutre Roussel's stature within the silver-smithing community but also provided him with the opportunity to showcase his craftsmanship on a grand scale. His creations adorned the tables of kings and queens, serving as symbols of opulence and refinement.

Doutre Roussel's contributions to the art of silver-smithing were recognized through a myriad of awards and accolades. His mastery of the craft earned him prestigious honors from institutions such as the Académie des Beaux-Arts and the Société des Artistes Français. These accolades served as a testament to Doutre Roussel's enduring legacy and solidified his place among the pantheon of great silversmiths.  Furthermore, Doutre Roussel's sterling silver flatware pieces garnered acclaim at international exhibitions and fairs, where they were celebrated for their beauty and craftsmanship. His creations were awarded coveted prizes, further affirming his reputation as a master of his craft and a beacon of artistic excellence.

Though Claude Doutre Roussel's physical presence may have faded with time, his legacy continues to endure through his timeless creations. His sterling silver flatware pieces remain coveted treasures, sought after by collectors and aficionados alike. Each piece serves as a testament to Doutre Roussel's unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and artistic expression.  Claude Doutre Roussel stands as a towering figure in the annals of French silver-smithing. His mastery of the craft, royal patronage, awards, and accolades, as well as his exquisite sterling silver flatware pieces, collectively attest to his enduring legacy as a true artisan of unparalleled talent and vision. Through his creations, Doutre Roussel continues to inspire generations of silversmiths and art enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of artistic expression.

This is an amazing set of 22 flatware serving pieces and examples and quality, sophistication, and craftsmanship for which Claude Doutre Roussel was internationally known.  Each piece bears the French Government’s Head of the Minerva 1 hallmark certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver, in addition to the Claude Doutre Roussel manufacturer’s sterling silver hallmark; and there are no monograms on any of the pieces.  The set includes the following (all weights and measures approximate):

2 Paris of Sugar Tongs 12.00 cm. 54 grams
1 Salad Serving Fork 25.50 cm. 95 grams
1 Salad Serving Spoon 25.70 cm. 103 grams
1 Fish Serving Fork 24.20 cm. 119 grams
1 Fish Serving Knife 27.00 cm. 123 grams
1 Ice Cream Serving Scoop 23.20 cm. 106 grams
1 Custard Serving Scoop 22.50 cm. 101 grams
1 Sauce Serving Spoon 23.20 cm. 81 grams
1 Set of Asparagus Serving Tongs 12.00 cm. 154 grams
1 Cake Serving Knife 25.60 cm. 104 grams
1 Pie Serving Knife 26.70 cm. 135 grams
1 Berry Serving Spoon 14.50 cm. 36 grams
1 Sauce Serving Ladle 16.00 cm. 64 grams
2 Dessert Serving Spoons – Gold Plated Bowls 13.40 cm. 32 grams
1 Small Dessert Serving Scoop 13.80 cm. 30 grams
2 Small Dessert Serving Forks 14.80 cm. 28 grams
1 Small Custard Serving Scoop 14.50 cm. 31 grams
1 Small Dessert Serving Knife 17.20 cm. 28 grams
1 Individual Tart Server 14.80 cm. 37 grams

Claude Doutre Roussel - 22 Sterling Silver 19th Century Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces, No Monograms - MINT !
$5,549.00 USD
$5,549.00 USD

Claude Doutre Roussel - 22 Sterling Silver 19th Century Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces, No Monograms - MINT !

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