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Caron - 197pc. Antique French 950 Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flatware Set, Marly Pattern !

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Direct from Paris, A Magnificent 197 Piece, 19th Century, Louis XVI Model, Sterling Silver Flatware Set with 8 Serving Pieces and 10 Covered Individual Anti-Tarnish Storage Trays by Renowned French Silversmiths "Henri Soufflot" and "Olier & Caron" - STUNNING.  The world of silversmithing has been graced by numerous artisans throughout history, each leaving a distinct mark on the craft. Among these luminaries, Olier & Caron stand out as exemplars of French silversmithing excellence.  Olier & Caron traces its roots to 19th-century France, a period marked by cultural and artistic flourishing. The firm emerged against the backdrop of the Second Empire (1852-1870), a time when the arts experienced a renaissance under the patronage of Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie.

Henri Soufflot was born in Paris in 1879, into a family with a long-standing tradition in metalworking. His early exposure to the intricacies of the craft ignited a passion for silversmithing that would define his career. Soufflot's journey into the world of silver began with formal training at the École des Beaux-Arts, where he honed his skills and developed a keen understanding of design principles.

Olier & Carin quickly gained recognition for their exceptional craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques with innovative design. Their creations caught the attention of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, leading to a surge in demand for Olier & Caron's silver pieces. The firm's commitment to quality and attention to detail set them apart in a competitive market, establishing a reputation that would endure for generations.

The quality of Olier & Caron's work did not go unnoticed by the elite of the time. The firm garnered royal and imperial patronage, crafting bespoke pieces for members of European royalty and the imperial court. This association with the highest echelons of society not only elevated Olier & Caron's status but also provided them with opportunities to showcase their craftsmanship on the grandest stages.

One of their most prestigious commissions came from Empress Eugénie herself, who commissioned a magnificent silver service for the Tuileries Palace. This opulent set, adorned with intricate engravings and embellishments, became a symbol of imperial splendor and showcased Olier & Caron's ability to create pieces of enduring beauty and significance.

Olier & Caron's reputation extended beyond the borders of France, earning them international acclaim. Their participation in various world expositions, such as the 1867 Exposition Universelle in Paris and subsequent events in London and Vienna, allowed them to showcase their craftsmanship to a global audience. The firm's silverware, characterized by its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs, received accolades and awards, solidifying Olier & Caron's position as leaders in the world of silversmithing.

This is an extremely high quality set for 18 in a very classic Louis XVI pattern and is perfect for entertaining. The set is in excellent condition and the individual pieces are even more stunning than can be reflected by the photographs. The set is extremely good value for money. Each piece contains the French governments Head of the Minerva-1 Hallmark, signifying a minimum of 950 sterling, along with the manufacturers' sterling silver hallmarks. Henri Soufflet operated at 88 rue de Turbigo here in Paris from 1884 to 1910 and Olier & Caron operated across the street at 39 rue de Turbigo between 1910 and 1936. The Set Includes (all weights and measure approximate):

18 Dinner Knives - Stainless Blades 26.50 cm. 81 grams

18 Dinner Forks 22.00 cm. 82 grams

18 Tablespoons 22.00 cm. 80 grams

18 Luncheon / Dessert Knives with Sterling Silver Blades 18.00 cm. 37 grams

18 Luncheon / Dessert Forks 19.00 cm. 47 grams

18 Luncheon / Dessert Spoons 19.00 cm. 52 grams

18 Fish Knives with Sterling Silver Blades 22.50 cm. 69 grams

18 Fish Forks 19.00 cm. 53 grams

18 Oyster Forks 14.20 cm. 26 grams

17 Tea Spoons 14.50 cm. 25 grams

9 Escargot Forks 16.00 cm. 23 grams

1 Large Fish Serving Fork 23.50 cm. 114 grams

1 Large Fish Serving Knife 27.50 cm. 132 grams

1 Large Salad Serving Spoon with Vermeil Bowl 27.40 cm. 97 grams

1 Large Salad Serving Fork with Vermeil Prongs 26.00 cm. 97 grams

1 Small Two Pronged bonbon Serving Fork in Vermeil 13.00 cm. 17 grams

1 Small Dessert Serving Spoon in Vermeil 12.00 cm. 20 grams

1 Small Four Pronged bonbon Serving Fork in Vermeil 13.00 cm. 17 grams

1 Small Individual Tart Server in Vermeil 12.50 cm. 19 grams

1 Small Dessert Serving Scoop in Vermeil 13.80 cm. 23 grams

Covered Individual Anti-tarnish Storage Trays

Caron - 197pc. Antique French 950 Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flatware Set, Marly Pattern !
$34,419.00 USD
$34,419.00 USD

Caron - 197pc. Antique French 950 Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flatware Set, Marly Pattern !

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