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Lapparra - 10 Stunning Original French Art Deco 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces.

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Direct from Paris The Birth place of Art Deco, a Magnificent 10pc. Set of "Gatsby Era" 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces in Excellent Condition by France's Premier Art Deco Silversmiths "Henri Lapparra” and No Monograms, circa 1920s. The Art Deco movement of the early 20th century marked a departure from the ornate and intricate styles that had dominated the previous era. It embraced modernity, sleek lines, and geometric forms, and it left an indelible mark on various artistic disciplines, including architecture, fashion, and design. Among the artists who embraced the Art Deco style with fervor was the French silversmith Henri Lapparra. Through his innovative use of materials, masterful craftsmanship, and dedication to the principles of Art Deco, Lapparra's work emerged as a quintessential representation of the era's spirit and aesthetics. This is an amazing set of flatware serving pieces. Each piece bears the Lapparra manufacturer's hallmark, in addition to the French Governments Head of the Minerva 1, certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver. The set contains:

1 Cake / Pie Serving Knife 24.50 cm. 143 grams
1 Large Asparagus Server 23.40 cm. 352 grams
1 Dessert Serving Scoop 22.00 cm. 108 grams
1 Ice Cream / Custard Serving Scoop 21.00 cm. 110 grams
1 Serving Fork 20.20 cm. 81 grrams
1 Serving Spoon 20.00 cm. 91 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Fork 22.70 cm. 116 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Knife 26.20 cm. 134 grams
1 Large Serving Spoon 23.50 cm. 124 grams
1 Large Cake / Pie Serving Knife 27.20 cm. 143 grams

Born in the bustling city of Paris during a time of great cultural upheaval, Lapparra was exposed to the changing tides of artistic expression from a young age. The Belle Époque had given way to the dawn of the 20th century, and with it came a yearning for innovation and a fresh visual language. Lapparra's journey into silversmithing began when he apprenticed with a renowned master of the craft. Under the guidance of his mentor, he honed his technical skills, learning the intricate techniques that would later become the foundation of his distinctive style. Lapparra's breakthrough came with his fervent embrace of the Art Deco movement. Characterized by its emphasis on bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and a fascination with modern materials, Art Deco was a reflection of the era's changing values and aspirations. Lapparra's work seamlessly integrated these principles into his silver creations, elevating them from mere functional objects to sculptural pieces of art.

Lapparra's ability to evoke emotion through his creations was a testament to his artistic vision. His silver pieces were not merely objects; they were vessels of narrative and emotion. He was particularly renowned for his flatware pieces. In these pieces, he deftly blended the elegance of the past with the boldness of the present, resulting in works that resonated with collectors and enthusiasts alike. Central to Lapparra's success was his meticulous attention to detail. Every curve, every angle, and every facet of his creations bore witness to his dedication to perfection. His craftsmanship transcended the realm of functionality, bordering on the realm of sculpture. His pieces seemed to capture the very essence of movement and rhythm, a hallmark of the Art Deco aesthetic. Lapparra's work was not confined to the domestic sphere. He was commissioned to create monumental pieces for public spaces, further solidifying his legacy as an artist of exceptional skill and vision. His larger works, often showcased in exhibitions and galleries, pushed the boundaries of silver-smithing by combining intricate craftsmanship with the grandeur of sculpture. These pieces were an affirmation of Lapparra's ability to transcend the confines of functional design and elevate his craft to the realm of high art.
Lapparra - 10 Stunning Original French Art Deco 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces.
$3,491.00 CAD
$3,491.00 CAD

Lapparra - 10 Stunning Original French Art Deco 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces.

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