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Jean Granvigne - 20 Magnificent Antique French Art Nouvesu 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces.

$5,819.00 CAD
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Direct from Paris, a Magnificent Set of 20 Louis XVI Flatware Serving Pieces in French 950 Sterling Silver by Internationally Known French Silversmith "Jean Granvigne", Stunning Luxury and Craftsmanship at an Amazingly Low Price and No Monograms - circa early 1900s. All the stunning pieces in this amazing set of 20 flatware serving pieces are in excellent condition and with no monograms on any of the pieces. Each piece bears the French Government's Head of the Minerva 1 hallmark, certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver, in addition to the Jean Granvigne manufacturer's sterling silver hallmark. The set contains:

1 Cake / Pie Serving Knife 27.50 cm. 139 grams
2 Large Serving Spoons 27.20 cm. 114 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Knife 32.50 cm. 131 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Fork 28.50 cm. 144 grams
1 Salad Serving Fork - Vermeil Prongs 27.00 cm. 90 grams
1 Salad Serving Spoon - Vermeil Bowl 27.00 cm. 93 grams
1 Large Soup / Stew Serving Ladle 33.70 cm. 240 grams
1 Ice Cream / Custard Serving Scoop 22.20 cm. 70 grams
1 Gravy Serving Ladle 20.50 cm. 93 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Fork 22.50 cm. 108 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Knife 26.00 cm. 125 grams
1 Dessert Serving Spoon 20.50 cm. 69 grams
1 Berry Serving Spoon 20.70 cm. 72 grams
1 Dessert Serving Scoop 15.50 cm. 31 grams
1 Olive Serving Spoon 15.00 cm. 31 grams
1 Dessert Server 15.50 cm. 30 grams
1 Individual Tart Server 15.00 cm. 37 grams
1 Dessert Serving Fork 14.50 cm. 29 grams
1 Dessert 'bonbon' Serving Fork 14.70 cm. 25 grams

The name Jean Granvigne stands tall in the realm of French silver-smithing. Born in the heart of France during the early 18th century, Granvigne's life journey was one of artistic dedication, innovation, and a commitment to creating exquisite silver pieces that transcended mere functionality to become works of art in their own right. Granvigne was born into a world undergoing rapid transformation. The Age of Enlightenment was dawning, and with it came a renewed emphasis on art, culture, and the pursuit of refined aesthetics. Growing up amidst this intellectual and creative awakening, Granvigne was destined to become a connoisseur of beauty and a maestro of silver. Under the guidance of skilled mentors, Granvigne honed his technical skills, learning to work with silver, shape it, and manipulate it into pieces of functional and artistic value. However, what set Granvigne apart was his ceaseless curiosity and propensity to experiment. He was not content with replicating the established norms; he sought to transcend them. One of Granvigne's earliest breakthroughs was the integration of intricate repoussé and chasing techniques into his silver creations. Granvigne's dexterity with these techniques allowed him to breathe life into his silverware creations, transforming them into mesmerizing visual narratives. His flatware pieces, tea sets, trays, and ornate bowls became more than mere utilitarian items; they became windows into a world of enchantment and elegance - This is a rare 20-piece set.

A defining characteristic of Granvigne's work was his meticulous attention to detail. His creations were marked by intricate details that often required painstaking hours of labor. Whether it was a delicate vine curling around the rim of a serving platter or a whimsical cherub adorning the handle of a teapot, Granvigne's touch was unmistakable. This attention to detail not only showcased his technical prowess but also elevated his work to the realm of high art. Granvigne's artistic sensibilities were not confined to the workshop. He was keenly aware of the evolving tastes of his time and had an innate ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. This unique fusion allowed him to produce silverware that appealed to a broad spectrum of clientele, from the aristocracy to the burgeoning bourgeoisie. His pieces adorned the tables of opulent palaces and graced the homes of the nouveau riche, transcending social boundaries through their universal beauty.
Jean Granvigne - 20 Magnificent Antique French Art Nouvesu 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces.
$5,819.00 CAD
$5,819.00 CAD

Jean Granvigne - 20 Magnificent Antique French Art Nouvesu 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces.

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