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Henin - 138pc. Antique Louis XVI French 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set - No Monograms !

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Direct from a Private Chateau in France, A Stunning 138pc. Privately Commissioned Louis XVI Sterling Silver Flatware Set (Service for 12) with 6 Serving Pieces by Internationally Known French Silversmiths "Henin & Cie." in Excellent Condition and NO MONOGRAMS - circa 1890s. The world of silversmithing has been graced by the hands of many master craftsmen throughout history, each leaving a distinct mark on the art form. Among these luminaries, the name Henin stands as a testament to the excellence and innovation that characterizes French silversmithing.

Founded in 1820 by François-Thomas Germain Henin, the Henin silversmith firm emerged during a time of great artistic and cultural transformation in France. The early 19th century witnessed the transition from the neoclassical styles of the late 18th century to the ornate and intricate designs of the Romantic era. Henin navigated this period with finesse, establishing itself as a paragon of craftsmanship and ingenuity. The atelier quickly gained acclaim for its exquisite silverware, drawing the attention of the French aristocracy and elite. The patronage of influential clients propelled Henin into the upper echelons of the silversmithing world, setting the stage for generations of excellence to come.

Henin's commitment to excellence did not go unnoticed, and the firm garnered numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding craftsmanship. One of the earliest recognitions came in 1834 when Henin received the prestigious Medaille d'Or (Gold Medal) at the Exposition des produits de l'industrie française (Exhibition of French Industrial Products). This early accolade served as a harbinger of the firm's future success and solidified its reputation as a leader in silversmithing.

As the decades unfolded, Henin continued to receive acclaim for its contributions to the field. The firm's participation in various international exhibitions, such as the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London and the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1855, further solidified its standing among the elite silversmiths of the time. The awards bestowed upon Henin at these exhibitions not only celebrated the craftsmanship of individual pieces but also underscored the firm's role in advancing the art of silversmithing on a global scale.

Henin's enduring legacy is evident in the lasting impact it has had on the world of silversmithing. The firm's dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and collaboration set a standard that influenced subsequent generations of artisans. The techniques perfected by Henin continue to be studied and emulated by contemporary silversmiths, ensuring that the legacy of the firm lives on in the hands of those who continue to push the boundaries of the craft.

The impact of Henin's work extends beyond the confines of the silversmithing atelier. The firm's creations are sought after by collectors and connoisseurs worldwide, with Henin pieces commanding a place of honor in museums and private collections. The enduring appeal of Henin's silverware lies not only in its intrinsic beauty but also in the historical significance and craftsmanship that each piece embodies.

This amazing 138 piece flatware set is a stunning example of the quality and craftsmanship for which the firm is known. Each of the sterling silver flatware pieces is stamped with the French Government's Head of the Minerva 1 hallmark certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver in addition to the Henin sterling silver manufacturer's hallmark. The silver blades on the Mother-of-Pearl handled dessert knives are stamped with the French Government's Minerva 2 hallmark as well as the manufacturer's hallmark "L & P". The set includes the following (all weights and measures approximate):

12 Dinner Knives - Stainless Blades 25.00 cm. 92 grams
12 Dinner Forks 21.50 cm. 81 grams
12 Tablespoons 21.50 cm. 85 grams
12 Luncheon Knives - Stainless Steel Blades 20.70 cm. 59 grams
12 Luncheon / Dessert Forks 18.00 cm. 50 grams
12 Luncheon / Dessert Spoons 18.00 cm. 56 grams
12 Dessert Knives Silver Blades and Mother of Pearl Handles 19.30 cm. 35 grams
12 Fish Knives 21.20 cm. 65 grams
12 Fish Forks 17.80 cm. 53 grams
12 Teaspoons 14.50 cm. 28 grams
12 Ice Cream Spoons 12.00 cm. 24 grams
1 Large Serving Fork 24.50 cm. 103 grams
1 Large Serving Spoon 24.30 cm. 120 grams
1 Fish Serving Fork 23.00 cm. 114 grams
1 Fish Serving Knife 26.30 cm. 139 grams
1 Cake / Pie Serving Knife 26.80 cm. 142 grams
1 Large Soup / Stew Serving Ladle 31.00 cm. 213 grams

Henin - 138pc. Antique Louis XVI French 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set - No Monograms !
$33,699.00 CAD
$33,699.00 CAD

Henin - 138pc. Antique Louis XVI French 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set - No Monograms !

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