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German - A Magnificent 15 Piece Set of 800 Silver Serving Pieces in Excelent Condition and with No Monograms - Museum Quality !

$4,165.00 CAD
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Direct from Paris, a stunning 15 piece set of antique 800 silver flatware serving pieces (probably German) in excellent condition and with no monograms.  German 800 silver flatware and tableware stand as quintessential examples of exquisite craftsmanship, blending tradition with innovation to create pieces of enduring beauty and functionality. Renowned for their impeccable quality, German 800 silver flatware pieces have not only garnered prestigious awards and accolades but also enjoyed the patronage of royalty and elite clientele.

At the core of German 800 silver flatware lies a tradition of unparalleled craftsmanship passed down through generations of skilled artisans. Dating back centuries, German silversmiths have honed their craft, mastering techniques that elevate silverware to objects of art. The hallmark of German 800 silver is its purity, denoted by the "800" stamp, indicating 80% silver content. This standard ensures not only a lustrous finish but also durability, making German silverware prized for its longevity.  One of the distinguishing features of German 800 silver flatware is its meticulous attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously forged, shaped, and engraved by hand, imbuing it with a unique character and charm. From elegant scrollwork to intricate motifs, the designs reflect a blend of classical elegance and contemporary flair, appealing to discerning collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Throughout history, German 800 silver flatware has enjoyed the patronage of royalty and nobility, earning prestigious commissions and accolades from monarchs across Europe. The royal courts of Prussia, Bavaria, and Saxony were among the foremost supporters of German silversmiths, commissioning elaborate tableware sets and ceremonial pieces to adorn their palaces and banquet halls.  One notable example is the famed Meissen porcelain and silver-gilt dinner service commissioned by King Augustus II of Poland and Elector of Saxony in the early 18th century. This opulent ensemble, featuring intricately decorated plates and utensils crafted from 800 silver, exemplifies the grandeur and craftsmanship synonymous with German silverware.  Another significant patron of German 800 silver flatware was Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sisi, who commissioned several exquisite pieces for the Imperial Court. Her penchant for luxury and elegance culminated in the creation of stunning silver tableware sets, adorned with delicate engravings and embellishments fit for a monarch.

German 800 silver flatware has received numerous awards and accolades over the centuries, cementing its reputation as a benchmark of excellence in the world of silver craftsmanship. From international exhibitions to prestigious guild competitions, German silversmiths have consistently showcased their talent and innovation, earning praise and recognition from peers and patrons alike.  One of the most renowned accolades bestowed upon German silverware was the Gold Medal awarded at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. This prestigious honor, presented to several German exhibitors, including renowned silver manufacturers such as Koch & Bergfeld and Gebrüder Dingeldein, catapulted German 800 silver flatware into the global spotlight, garnering admiration for its superior quality and artistic merit.

German 800 silver flatware encompasses a vast array of stunning pieces, each imbued with its own unique charm and history. From elaborate dining sets to intricately designed serving utensils, these artifacts showcase the diversity and creativity of German silversmiths, offering collectors and enthusiasts a glimpse into the opulent world of fine dining and entertaining.  German 800 silver flatware and tableware stand as timeless symbols of quality craftsmanship and artistic expression, cherished by collectors and enthusiasts around the world. From their origins in traditional silver-smithing techniques to their enduring appeal among royalty and elite clientele, these artifacts embody the rich heritage and legacy of German silverware craftsmanship. With their exquisite designs, impeccable quality, and illustrious history, German 800 silver flatware continues to captivate and inspire, proving that true beauty is indeed timeless.

This is an amazing 15 piece set of silver flatware serving pieces in excellent condition.  Each piece is stamped with the “800” silver hallmark as well as the manufacturer’s silver hallmark (unidentified) and there are no monograms on any of the pieces.  The set includes the following (all weights and measures approximate):

1 Cake / Pie Serving Knife 26.75 cm. 105 grams
1 Small “bonbon” Serving Fork 13.75 cm. 26 grams
1 Large Soup / Stew Serving Ladle 33.00 cm. 214 grams
1 Fish Serving Fork 22.50 cm. 80 grams
1 Fish Serving Knife 28.50 cm. 128 grams
1 Ice Cream Scoop 23.00 cm. 104 grams
1 Large Serving Fork 26.00 cm. 114 grams
1 Large Serving Spoon 26.20 cm. 120 grams
1 Cake Serving Knife 27.50 cm. 103 grams
1 Salad Serving Fork – Bone Prongs 24.50 cm. 51 grams
1 Salad Serving Spoon – Bone Bowl 24.50 cm. 58 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Knife 29.50 cm. 175 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Fork 24.50 cm. 135 grams
1 Serving Knife 21.50 cm. 69 grams
1 Small Butter Serving Knife 12.00 cm. 17 grams

German - A Magnificent 15 Piece Set of 800 Silver Serving Pieces in Excelent Condition and with No Monograms - Museum Quality !
$4,165.00 CAD
$4,165.00 CAD

German - A Magnificent 15 Piece Set of 800 Silver Serving Pieces in Excelent Condition and with No Monograms - Museum Quality !

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